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CRT-CNC Replacement


We offer a wide range of displays for many industries.No matter how old, or complicated, the CRT monitor in your CNC machine might seem to you, we assure you that we have a worry-free replacement LCD monitor.
After replacement, the LCD monitor has a sturdy steel chassis. designed to drop into the mounting holes of the original CRT Monitor.


PCB Design

Single-sided、Double-sided、Multi-layer PCB、Rigid / Flex circuits

PCB Farbrication

Proprietary Quality Assurance Program

PCB Layout

Electronic Circuit Design / PCB Layout & Schematic Capture

PCB Farbrication

QINGZHEN TECH specializes in providing companies of all sizes with high-quality full PCB production services.


PCB Assembly

Surface Mount (SMT) | Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) | Through-Hole Assembly | Mixed Assembly

Need a Membrane Switch Prototype?

Membrane Switch | Membrane Panel Switch | Membrane keyboard | Membrane Switch Prototypes 【Custom Membrane Switch】

CRT-CNC Replacement

We offer a wide range of displays for many industries.